"I am AMAZED at how well it has worked!"

“I tried the powder on my guy today (1scp this morning and 1scp an hour before our ride) all I can say is WOW! It made such an immediate and huge difference in his whole demeanor. He’s usually very spooky and always “looking” for something to jump at, at any given moment. Today was different, he didn’t spook when bringing him in from the field like he usually does, he stood perfectly in the cross ties and didn’t tense up at all while tacking up. I then had one of the best rides that I’ve ever had on him tonight with a lot going on around us. There were blowers going, shavings being unloaded, dogs running in and out of the ring (he usually bolts with the dogs), someone riding a very unruly horse at the time, and the usual bustle of people around the farm.

I am amazed at how well it has worked compared to the other products I have tried on him. This one is hands down the best, I’ve tried everything from via calm, equine focus, and magnesium supplements and no such luck with him. I am very excited for our show season and to see how he does competing this weekend and the next! Thank you so much!”


- Kelsey Lee

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"Thank you to Diana for taking the time to talk to me about our issues" 

“Calming powder, calming cookies, gastro plus and muscle mass w/ focus, ulcer prevent and gluchon has been such a life changing experience for our horses. Mainly my son's calf horse.


He was crazy every time he would get to a rodeo and go into the box he would refuse, rare up and just be a mess. We spent 2 yrs trying to figure him out, vet bills, meds ext and then we tried equine edge and it has been a miracle.


All he needed was something to help him think and get rid of the anxiety he would feel at the rodeo, cause he was great at practice. He also was a little hard keeper and the muscle mass did wonders.


Also have to say thank you to Diana for taking the time to talk to me about our issues and to make sure what we really needed.”


- LesLee Kogianes

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“Been on Muscle Mass 30 days now with 14 year old neglected mare and the result is amazing.”

- Dotty Hildreth


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